Thursday, 3 April 2008

Socializing is lively

Sorry about no posts for a few days, i havn't had access to the internet but i have been keeping up by writing a 'blog prep' on my computer so i can copy it straight onto here. Tommorow i will post the flat viewing pictures and some other things!

“Monday, the brightest and most radiant day that I have had since being back in Glasgow. Baring in mind that I have been back for only 3 days (not including Monday) this is not a very large achievement. Heather contacted me quite early on in the day asking weather I would be up for meeting for tea/coffee and to take some photo/visit some museum. We ended up meeting in a CafĂ© called offshore, which incidentally happened to be the place where we decided for final that we would be living together next year along with Maeve.

After catching up we went for a walk around Kelvingrove park then along great western road and came up with the great idea to make Carrot and coriander soup for dinner along with homemade bread so stopped off at Roots and Fruits to pick up the ingredients we needed.

Jump forward a few hours and we sat down to dinner and watched Poppy Shakespeare, an interesting one off drama on Channel 4 following the story of a girl who had been institutionalized for 8 years of her life and her companionship with Miss Shakespeare (a wrongfully diagnosed patient). I enjoyed the idea of the drama but the characters came across a little too two dimensional, Heather had a good point when she pointed out that the way they presented themselves when they were ‘sane’ and ‘insane’ was terribly stereotypical to the idea of insanity.

We basked in the glory of our dinner some more then tried to eat some strawberry cheesecake which was still frozen, and discovered that frozen strawberries taste really nice…well I did at least.

When poppy Shakespeare finished we decided to watch ‘The diving bell and the butterfly’”

I have to say its one of the most inspiring films that I have seen! A real ‘Do SOMETHING with your life’ sort of film…it bought me close to tears a few times because its such a powerful story. I won’t write about it only recommend it and link you too this preview.

After watching the film we decided to make a list of things that we wanted to do, so here is my list in no particular order (watching the film its easy to understand why we did this):

1. Learn to use my vocabulary
2. Continue to Blog
3. Finish a sketchbook (because I have started several)
4. Start a Film society (with heather)
5. Find a job
6. Draw more perspectives
7. Do more things like baking bread
8. Get an Overdraft
9. Commit to going to China to learn Mandarin
10. Flat hunt
11. Write letters – Nan and Grandad, Laura
12. Learn to customise and take in clothes
13. Start writing a book

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