Friday, 4 April 2008

Flat pictures

Here are a couple of the pictures of the flat viewing that i promised you ages ago, as you can see the quality is terrible but i think it gets the point across? I really liked the ceiling rose, but that won't sway me to pay the huge amount of rent they wanted for this tenement and after all alot of places have ceiling roses here!

Im getting more and more frustrated with the flat hunting situation because of the constant rejection in regards to finding somewhere to let for August/September time...i really want to get it out of the way but i have a feeling we might have to wait till then to find somewhere which will be such a pain. Me, Maeve and Heather went to view a flat today near Kelvingrove Park, it turned out to be a basement flat and really wasn't the kind of thing we were looking for but i think it did help us realise how important some aspects of our 'ideal' flat are such as light and windows in the kitchen and bathroom.

Today i got some books out from the library; Perspective for interior designer, Minimum space Maximum living and a book about T-shirt design (because hopefully im going to start up a small online business selling some designs). I also got out a couple of films to watch tonight as i am having a productive night in, well to think about things and get some headspace at least. The first is 'One Flew over the Cuckoo's nest' and the second is 'The world' im really excited about both!

On Monday i have a meeting with the marketing director for the GSA about Rosemary Lucas, im very excited!

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