Friday, 18 April 2008

A new flat

I have some very exciting news, I now have a flat for next year! The first down payment has been put through and i will have to finish of some paperwork and sign some forms and its ours, i really can't believe that its happening. The flat itself is so beautiful with 3 double bedrooms (not the largest that i have seen but big enough to be comfortable and snug) A large kitchen/diner with a kitchen nook and a dryer that is on a pulley. As well as this there is a Living room with bay windows and a huge storage cupboard all for £300 a month its such a good deal especially for the location too. I did take any pictures which i really regret now because i think that its going to seem like such a long time until august even though its only about 3 months away in reality.

I thought it would be interesting to upload the second part of the brief (also useful for me if i forget to bring my brief into the studio) as you can see its very specific and i will look forward to the workshops in Vectorworks and the model making tutor also. Especially since i found out that we won't be working with foam board!

Here is a copy of the floor plan that i have to work with, so far im just thinking about space and how it can be adapted to allow 2 people to work alongside each other with the minimum amount of conflict. How can i communicate harmony in difference?

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