Monday, 14 April 2008

Happy Days

The weather the last few days has been absolutely beautiful and it stays light till around 9pm now so there is more time to do things...although it still doesn't seem like there is enough time in a day to do everything that i want too. Yesterday i slept in till 12, tidied my room a little and then decided to go to Morrison's with my flat mate to stock up on food for visiting friends and the like and whilst picking my purchases i found a pack of 6 crumpets for 9p, so we decided to have a crumpet feast on returning to the flat.

I took a slightly M&S food picture to remember the delicious occasion and Kirsty kindly invited me to a Barbecue for dinner, we sat outside in the courtyard by the hosts house and ate a ton of food followed by mini muffins, mini flapjack and an episode of Planet Earth. That night though i didn't sleep very well at all and ended up browsing various blogs till the early hours of this morning and finally getting to sleep around 5am...i really thought i wasn't going to last through today without sleeping but i have, must be my reserve energy.

I got to the studio around half nine and chose my favourite images, with the help of Amata then put them up on a wall next to where i was sat so that i could consider them easier and have desk space free to write down ideas/sketch and the rest. Sorry for the bad picture i only had my camera phone today, i also found a picture of the Jim Lambie exhibition that i forgot i had taken.

I don't know if you can see very well in that photograph of the exhibition but all of that dark sand on the floor was just loose glitter and it went everywhere, i woke up the next morning with glitter in my hair and all over my face, im still finding bits now.

Later on this morning we got given the first part of the second part of the brief (how confusing!) which consisted of being given the 'two distinct business activities' that the first brief we were given talked about. I had my fingers crossed for an interesting combination and i think i was lucky in what i was given in the end. Anyway i have to design a space around:

Recycled Plastic Boards and Locally Produced Honey

This week is all about research into these particular fields so ive got three books on materials for construction/interior decoration and have found out where i can get information, possibly pictures, of bees and honey production!

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