Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Birthday treats

Today is my birthday!
Although im not sure how to feel about it because i am turning 20 and exiting my teenage years, im not sure because i don't really regret getting older just the fact that im getting closer and closer to 'Real life' which seems a little scary. As well as it being my birthday its also an important day in regards to university as i have an important presentation today for H&C.

H&C is the contextual part of my studies at university and is mostly about the history of art and design and how it effects us still to this day. For the presentation everyone was given an artist or designer and asked to put together a 5 minuite talk on a piece of text and two images that were provided for us. For my talk i was given the textiles designer Bernat Klein who i actually didn't know anything about before hand..and to be honest i hadn't even heard his name before im not sure if i have researched enough for my presentation but its to late now.

Sorry for such a short post but i have to go now to do the presentation!


Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Happy belated Birthday wishes to you Luke!

with kisses...


halves and wholes said...

h. and c. is poop!