Friday, 10 April 2009

Get [OUT]

My job hunt on Wednesday turned into something quite successful, I gave out 6 cvs in the end and ended up having an interview today at an Ice cream cafe called 3 steps 2 heaven. It was really informal but i think i basically have the job. Saying this i also gave my Cv into a Cafe that Heather works at and i think i might have a job there also. So now i have to decide which place i would like to work and to be honest its leaning allot more towards working with Heather.

The lady above was drawn in offshore just before heather got a call from her friend Matthew inviting her to an exhibition opening called sh[OUT] at the GOMA. The show was based around themes of Lesbian, Gay, Bi and transgender life and consisted of some paintings, photography and two pieces of sculpture (maybe 3 if you include the awesome bling frame someone had made). I have to admit that i am always sceptical of 'gay events' because of the sort of stereotypes they tend to conjure up, or indeed the content is never up to scratch.

In all i thought the exhibition was good but im not sure if the pieces worked together very well, there was one painting in particular of a transvestite undressing that really captured my imagination. There was one part of the entire exhibition that made me feel uncomfortable and that was its contradiction to its aims;

'The exhibition will both celebrate and raise awareness of LGBT people, their rights and history.'

I couldn't help but think that the way the opening event was kept very hush hush and how it was only through friends that i had heard about the opening completely contradicted the statement. Infact i was told by people in the exhibition that the only piece of press that stood out for them was an article in the Evening times about exposing children to the art works especially Mapplethorpe's which sparked controversy. Why was publicising the event left on the wayside?

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

John John John

Today was the first day of my productive job hunting/work doing day. I have realised through the checking of my budget that if i don't get a job by the end of May i will be officially bankrupt and my education will have to stop right here. And so this week is my job hunting drive, i will be spending every day of the week handing out at least 5 Cvs to different places in the hope that i will find somewhere quickstyle. So far i have given them out to 4 cafes and a bookshop so fingers crossed i will hear something within the next two weeks, although this is a long shot if anyone reads this who knows of a Part-time position in Glasgow going please please please drop me a line.

On my hunt i decided to stop off at the lighthouse to eat lunch in the lookout room and realised that there was a new exhibition on in galleries 4 and 5 on the influential American Architect John Lautner. He was trained by Frank Lloyd Wright and created over 150 buildings in California! I really liked the sections and elevations of his work, they were so detailed...some were very confusing to understand and took a few minutes for me to know what i was looking at but they captured my imagination non the less.