Saturday, 5 April 2008


After being so excited about the films that i got out from the library neither of them worked properly, one flew over the cuckoos nest was scratched so it stopped playing halfway through and 'The world' refused to play on my PS2 because of the region difference which i didn't even know the film had. I will have to watch them another time...when i get the chance that is!

One of the many things that i have planned for the next few months is to collect some pieces of furniture and decoration for the flat. Some time last year i came across a record cabinet on the street near my flat, i thought it was too good to throw away (and it was going to be because it was next to some rubbish bags) so i brought it back with the intention to restore it. Whilst in Milton Keynes i came across some Glass Knobs that would suit the finished style of the cabinet better than the one handle it had when it was found.

At the moment i use it to store sketchbooks, sewing materials and fabric but hopefully i would like to fill it with records to put on whilst making dinner or when im working on some sketchbook with my friends.

The photograph on top of the cabinet was also found on the streets of Glasgow, on a bin! I really don't understand why people would through away perfectly salvageable things that with a little TLC could be easily a great addition to any home. You can also see my lovely Film Pentax, given to me by my dad a 50's egg cup, some felt pebble work, found marble/tiles, charity shop glass, ceramic elephant, slide (with pictures of chairs on it) and 2 boxes which i tend to fill with things that don't really have a place in my room.

The perspective book has some great drawings explaining how to draw in perspective, i hope to show you some of my attempts at perspective soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Luke, the photograph you found can be instantly refreshed if you replace the mat-board. I had a similar photograph which i spruced up for the same reason. Its Marvelous now!