Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Visits etc

Ive had such a busy last few days, my friends from Milton Keynes came to visit over the weekend for my birthday (well pre-birthday) to see what Glasgow was like and where i live etc. It was so much fun although i do feel a little guilty as i only got a tiny bit of work done but im trying to make up for this by working as hard as i can this week.

One of the places that me and my friends visited whilst they where here was the Falkirk wheel, a boat lift used to transport canal boats from one lower pool of water to a higher (previously inaccessible) area. The design of the wheel itself is very impressive and very surprising in regards to how little sound it makes whilst turning. We didn't acctually ride on the wheel itself because tickets are too expensive but i would like to revisit one day and see what it is like.

Recently i re-discovered the work of an artist/restorer known as Huw Griffith who makes these amazing mirrors which are so simple but so intricate and beautiful. All he does is take an antique mirror that has lost some of the silver coating due to weathering or just 'old age' re-frame it or just restore the frame and put some wallpaper behind the mirrored surface and viola you have yourself an enthralling design piece.Its people like Huw that have inspired me to take old furniture and breathe life back into it just because i the end of the day a restored piece has so much more character and attachment than any other piece of furniture that you could buy in a shop.

Project work is all going well, although i have put all serious thinking and space planning on hiatus and im just trying to gather interesting images and furniture pieces that i can use in my final designs.

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