Monday, 7 April 2008

Term 3

So a new term has begun, another chance to sharpen my skills even further and this time with a focus on Interior Design! I couldn't be happier. When i got into the lessons today i was apparently a little bit too early, only two other people from my class were in but everyone turned up eventually. Then we were briefed on our next project but instead of boring you with the details i thought i would just give you a copy of the brief to look at...i apologise in advance for my handwriting and just incase you can't view the image i will basically be making photographs of Glasgow's urban environment. In this pictures i have to focus on Juxtaposition and contrast between materials, texture, height etc and then short list 9 images for my final collection which will inform the second part of the brief.

I got my loan in today so i could afford to buy some new film for my Pentax so i'll be taking photos on that, ill make sure to put them onto disc so i can upload a few without jeopardising the quality.

As well as starting a new brief i met Hannah from the marketing department at the GSA, she was even nicer than i expected her to be very easy to talk to and happy. She told me a little bit about the structure of the meeting with Rosemary tomorrow which made me more excited about getting to meet her! I tried to find out a little bit about her before the meeting but couldn't seem to find anything Hannah told me that she studied at the Art school in the late 60's and now owns tuns an Interior Design Company in Australia. I found a small comment that she left on a picture from a website called Treasured Places im already starting to feel as inspired as she sounds like in her post:

"My years at the GSA still resonate with some of the most influential moments of my life. The architecture was a mystery at the time, I 'discovered' it later with the benefit of broader experience of the built environment. Yet it had a profound effect in every aspect of my life. Most of all, it shaped my future in the practice of interior design and stimulated a fascination for all things 'designed' in our world."

I hope i can make a good first impression.

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