Monday, 18 August 2008

Design Future

Wow i just noticed that the counter for this blog has hit 1000. Thats a really good feeling even though i read an article about the artist/architect Ai Weiwei who's blog had recently hit 4 million views....i wonder if i will ever hit that. At the same time this is my 50th post, a milestone! During the move and after as i have been settling into my new room i have been thinking allot about my future, career and Design philosophy. This year of university for me is going to be all about self development and taking steps to gain experience in what i want to do.

Just before i moved up to Glasgow i read a small ad on Gumtree about the opportunity to freelance for a new magazine for Interiors, Architecture and design. I don't really know much about the company at all only that they are called Van Kampen Media and that they are trying to fill a void that they believe exists in the market, and i have to agree with them that it does. I e-mailed them and a lovely lady called Sinead got back to me within the hour expressing there eagerness to have me write for there magazine, i was very flattered and will be writing my first article for them this week. Although i can't tell you anything about it until the magazine has been published (which should be late September) i can say i may possibly be interviewing a designer which is very exciting.

As well as this Me, Heather and some fellow students have begun work on a magazine made for and by the students of the art school. The most important article for me in this particular issue is one about the re-development of the art school campus, and helping to involve students with this process. As well as this i will be working with Textiles student, Zephyr, on the design exhibition review section of this copy. The magazine itself will be in print mid September if everything goes to plan.

Last week we had a small party after going to a club called Buff. Its safe to say we broke the flat in.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Time machine week

And so one week later i am moved into the new flat comfortably, moving was not without its problems as i found out the stairs up too my flat were a huge obstacle of which could only be conquered by sweat, blood and very nearly tears of sheer exhaustion. But its all done now...and if anything it was a great learning experience.

The move itself was very interesting, the place that my Dad was hiring a van from didn't have the one he had booked so he instead was given a replacement vechile the size of a small truck with a broken wing mirror and no radio. 7 hours later we arrived in Glasgow...for a moment i couldn't get my bearings but once we got onto Great western road i knew where i was going. When we were coming up to Glasgow i was bursting with excitement, i couldn't sit still and all i wanted to do was say "Yaaaaay!"

Heather and her Boyfriend Alex were at the Flat to greet us, we were exhausted from traveling and they made us a lovely cup of tea before we started to move my things into the flat. It took just over one hour of sheer physical labour to move everything up into the living room and the thought of having to move all of my things from the other flat made me feel a little sick.

So many things have happened since the move ill be updating with new things throughout the week.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Sparodic updates from now on

Heads up Glasgow im moving back to your chilly embrace tommorow, oh how i have missed your Tennents swigging demeanour and your wet sky kisses (RAIN).

Ive been reading more and more about fashion designer Aitor Throup. Its kind of weird how all of a sudden he is appearing in Blogs around the web only now. His work is great. I have alot of respect for someone who can push boundries like he does.

His work first caught my eye in (if my memory serves me right) an issue of Dazed and Confused where the interpritation of the above drawing was snapped on the cat walk. But i could be completely wrong all i know is i remember his work before all of this hype. I had never seen his illustrations before and i think they are amazing, i wish my drawing style was more like this...he creates characters rather an concepts...he talks about this a bit more in this interview i found.

Its the first time in a while where i have acctually thought about taking out a loan specifically to buy one of his pieces...or playing the lottery constantly, but i guess taking the loan would be the quicker and maybe easyer option. Anyway, the coat in question is this one-

Isn't it awsome? An instant costume for short notice or just a talking point. I can't imagine how much skill must of gone into making like to say i would have a go at making one for myself but i doubt it would ever reach that standard. I guess i should get practicing on my sewing machine.

Today i have been packing and moving heavy boxes full of books and other interesting things from the loft into the living room ready for the van my parents are driving up its taken such a long time but to me i have to do it proparly or i will end up having to spend alot of time unpacking when i get to glasgow.

Im so surprised at all the things i have managed to collect over the years (Im bringing up most of my belongings to Glasgow) i hope i can find space for all of the things i have decided to bring.

Saturday, 2 August 2008


Im bored. Bored of this boring blog that induces boredom when i open up the home page and enter my boring password. Bored of Milton Keynes and its Boring dreary architecture. The boring room that i am sitting in right now as i type this confession of boredom. Oh well not Long now till i go back to Glasgow and my new flat, i can't wait to make my mark on my room (and the flat within reason). Ive been keeping in touch with Heather and Maeve through e-mail and text which made me slightly jealous because they had such a travely summer where as the most exotic place that i have been was Cornwall. But i still had loads of fun and took some nice pictures that i will hopefully get processed over the next couple of weeks.

So the content of this Blog is going to change this year, i have decided not to edit my life so much for the benefit of the people that read this (no matter how few that is) so that there is a more 'real' portrayal of what it is like to be a student. This will take effect immediately. I'll post in a few days once i get my head into gear after working on my CV.