Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New years revolution

So it has again been too long since i last updated. Ive had alot of problems in relation to my internet and miss laying the password needed to access this Blog so...in the last week i decidedto try and get everything together (passwords & addresses) so that i could re-launch for 2008!

I've been at University for 3 months now and im having such a good time. Over the next few weeks i will try to give you an account of Freshers, first day in the studio and all other major events that i can remember from the starting term for you too read. So please keep your eyes peeled for this. Also i will be adding a few extra features to this blog like a Blogroll which will be as much use to me as it will be to the people that are reading this.

I guess the first post of the year should be about resolutions so here are my top 3:
  • 5 perspective drawings per week
  • Update this blog every day
  • Research 1 new designer every week
Hopefully these 3 resolutions will help my studies as well as enriching this blog!
Expect a big post tommorow;

Happy new years everyone!