Monday, 21 September 2009

First day of third year.

Again i have spent a large amount of time away from this blog not really thinking or doing anything about it. I kind of lost interest from blogging when i realised that i didn't really have enough time to be writing about the things that interest me and in fact started to miss out on somethings and or not appreciate them as much as i really could have. It became a chore and that is the last thing that i wanted it too be!

This summer i went to Berlin to take part of a summer Academy run by a self organised group known as Interflugs. It was such a great experience and i ended up meeting allot of inspiring people who all seemed to be working towards some very interesting and worth while causes. Im not sure what else to say, i think its incredibly hard to summarise an experience so varied and enriching as this in a few sentences is a link to images of the Academy!

For the first project of third year we have to make two diagrams based on personal reflections of our practice. One being what we think is essential in the making of a good interior and the other being our design process. Whilst i think that this will be a helpful thing for us to do, im not sure why we are doing it now and not at the beginning of second year.