Friday, 11 April 2008

Jim Lambie and Visual Communication Yr 2

Few, i have only just this moment got back from a night of exhibition openings and a day of movie watching/sleeping for what seemed like an age. In total i went too 3 different shows, the first was held in the 'goldfish bowl' gallery space inside the vic. The exhibition itself was put together by Visual communication 2nd years and was just a little show of some of the work they had produced, my flat mate Kristy made a small drawing (i think it was drawn?) of a cat which happened to be my favourite piece out of everyone Else's creations for sure.

Next we went to the Goma of the opening of a collection of work by Jim Lambie, id never heard of him before this exhibition so i was curious to see what his work was like for a start the room was full of people talking really loudly so it was quite hard to consider his pieces and search for a meaning. In the end i wasn't sure if i liked his work but i did think the flooring was inspiring and it looked like he had put alot of thought into how it would be positioned. At one point i stood on one of his pieces without even realising and the curator shouted at me, i really didn't notice it was there but it did make me feel pretty bad.

An example of his flooring and work

Afterwords we caught a taxi to another part of his exhibition which happened to be at the end of the street i live on, I liked this stuff alot more because it was a little more subtle and there wasn't a ton of people to block my view of the pieces. The atmosphere was completely different too because everyone was so happy and more of an 'Art school' collection instead of the mix of middle class and high class people that the other exhibition crowd seemed to comprise of. Just before we left the show we bumped into Jim Lambie himself but he didn't really acknowledge us...not that i was offended i bet he met way too many new people that might just itching to get into his head.

Earlier on in the day i went out in the west end to take some photographs when i realise, after going through a whole roll of film, that it hadn't hooked onto the 'spikes' and so i took 36 blank pictures i felt so angry, i took the film out of the camera and stamped on it....then loaded up again and re-traced my steps to re-photograph everything that i found which took around 2 hours. Today i handed in the films to be developed and printed so there should be some pictures up tomorrow.

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