Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Eco friendly

Its been quite tough to find information about Recycled Plastic boards and the stuff that i did find wasn't very aesthetically pleasing if im totally honest, which made me think where is the connection between Recylced Plastic Boards and locally produced honey? Is it something to do with the environment? the whole eco friendly slant that i will expect to hear more and more about on the course.

I also did a small bit of research into Locally Produced honey and found the contact details for a couple of beekeepers in Glasgow so i should be contacting them soon to see if i can get any information and or photographs of there set up. As i said before the only reocurring theme that i can see is being conciencious to your surroundings, recylcing and being green. So do i have to Communicate that i have regognised this theme in my design or just bear it in mind?

I cooked for some people tonight it was really fun, i allways like to make a special effort especially when it is to thank someone. I made Pea and Leak soup, Tomato Paella with ciabatta and ice cream with melon for desert. It went really well and tasted great, i was shocked that i made it even though most times i cook it turns out at least edible.

Later that night i started to work on a sketchbook, as i promised myself after watching 'The diving bell and the butterfly' that i would finish at least 1 sketchbook this term, but i can't really afford a proper moleskin so i decided to use an old book.

As well as having a more attractive cover i think that its nicer to work on pages from a book than the fresh white pages of a new sketchbook, ill also be using a book to display the 9 photographs i chose for this project.

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Mavis said...

i love my moleskins.