Sunday, 30 March 2008

Travel home

Im now back in glasgow, currently nursing a hangover but thats a completely different story. The photo above is one of the most notorious pubs in Milton Keynes in terms of fighting and 'un-savoury' company. Its acctually closed down now so im not sure where everyone who used to go there now enjoys a pint, i wanted to see what it was like inside just once but i guess now i wont get the chance!

The journey back to Glasgow was really good, all the seats were taken so the coach driver moved his bags of the seat and i got to sit at the front of the coach with two seats to myself. At about 1 hour before i got into the city the coach passed through some hilly area just as the sun was rising it was so beautifull, the view is probably one of the best things about travelling on a coach but i forget that point every time i travel by coach.

Yesteday i got a reply to my e-mail regarding meeting the donor of the rosemary lucas scholarship, it turns out i will acctually be meeting Rosemary Lucas herself along with Drew (the head of the interior design department) at 10:30 on april the so very nervous now! Tommorow i will post the flat pictures and some other things!

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