Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Busy days

The meeting with Rosemary Lucas was really interesting. Me the director of marketing, Hannah and Rosemary sat down in the tutors area of the refectory to have coffee and talk for around 40 minutes or so. To begin with the director asked a ton of questions about what the Art school was like when she studied here and what she was going to do on her visit to the UK, where she was staying and other things like that.

building and the building didn't even Its so strange to think that when she was studying here the whole way that they taught the course and even the buildings that they were in were different, for one the Bourdon building and the Foulis weren't even there as they were built after her graduation. Understandably she wanted to know a little about me and why i decided to come to art school, how im supporting myself and how im spending the money that she kindly donated. I answered the questions as thoroughly as i could but that didn't really leave much time for me to ask her questions about her business and moving abroad, i had so many questions. After the coffee i thought we were going to meet up with Drew (the head of interior design) and have some more time to ask and answer questions but for some reason i was omitted from the group, maybe Drew wanted to meet her without the distraction of a first year?

Before leaving she gave me her business card and asked me to keep in touch through e-mails so that she could know how i was doing and what the course was like etc. I will most probably direct her too this Blog because its a great way too see my progression and thought paths.

Over the past two days i have been walking around Central Glasgow taking photographs of "the interface between two distinct conditions" the best places i have found so far would probably be the building sites. If only i could get access to a site properly instead of just poking my lens through a gap in the fence and taking a photograph from a distance...maybe if i ask politely? I wonder if i can arrange a visit to a building site.

Ill be focusing on the west end and north side for the rest of the week, then i send off my films to be developed and have to wait approximately 5-6 days to get them back....5 films will be developed so that's around 132 photographs heading my way! I can't wait its going to be so good. After taking my pictures for the day i retired to Maeves house to have a quick tea then we decided to go to a twilight life drawing session. I hadn't drawn from a life model in a such a long time i was very worried about what quality of work i would end up producing but it went quite well, and i think if i continue to go i can improve my skills further but i can see i have alot to learn.

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Ben said...

Its a lovely drawing :-)
Good technique and an interesting and sensative touch. Well done.