Saturday, 9 January 2010

Rich Brilliant willing.

One of the best resources of the art school has to be the magazine section in the library, but recently the selection has taken a huge turn for the worst. Most of the art and design magazines have been replaced with journals, which i enjoy too but not so much for research, or craft magazines which i unfortunately don't feed much into my research as the magazines i read more frequently. There is something about seeing a designer in a magazine that i had known about months before it published...i guess its comforting in a way to know that somehow i do manage to absorb information.

Rich Brilliant willing is one such design troupe. They have worked with urban outfitters as well as more smaller companies and themselves to deliver unique, individual and often quite playful outcomes. There approach to design really inspires me to take a light hearted and simplistic approach to my spaces, and should hopefully feed through to the next project i have, which should be a wig shop.

Monday, 4 January 2010


Its the day before the start of term and the first post of 2010 im looking forward to getting stuck in. Although unlike most people i will have to miss the first day of uni (i know....shocking) to wait for some very important packages. They include things that will make this blog a bit more easier to do like a scanner and a Dictaphone, hopefully making it easier to write up interviews if i ever get round to setting them up.

I got my film developed in Milton Keynes of the fog photographs and a few from sunnier weather before then. The top image has to be the favorite of them all...but for some reason every single photograph feels really nostalgic....not in the content but in the composition. Maybe its something to do with using film instead of digital...or maybe its the fog. or the fact i can't focus a film camera properly.