Sunday, 6 April 2008

Terry and Heatherington the vegetable saplings

I forgot how much i love to plant things, its really satisfying to put something dormant into the ground and watch it spring into life. The two plants above are an onion and a carrot that had already started to sprout in the kitchen of DG (The flat where my friends live) so we decided that it would be a nice thing to do to plant them and some other seeds and start a little garden. We have some more plans to start a herb garden in the new flat, maybe even a small veggie patch (space permitting)...thinking about it just makes me even more excited!

Tomorrow i start back at university; im really excited but at the same time extremely nervous because i will be specialising in Interior Design. The thing is i haven't really got to know the people on my course that well im sure i will grow to know them and get on with them im just not sure what i will say to them, and the new tutor, without making myself out to be the 'class clown'. Im very excited about having a new brief to work too. Just before the term finished someone told me a rumour about the project that we would be doing.

Its supposed to be a renovation project where we have to re-design the interior space of a mobile home for a couple. The only other thing i know about this is that the career of the couple will come into play when we have to decide on what to do with the design and there are a few set rules about the space that we are required to make. I guess i will find out tomorrow!

In other news, i love drawing childishly

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