Saturday, 3 May 2008

celebration and concentration

Work on my project has jumped forward in leaps and bounds over the past week or so and considering i have a presentation soon based on the work that i am doing at the moment that can be nothing but a good thing. I had a slump a couple of days ago when i was sat staring into a floor plan, the realisation that this scenario would happen for the rest of my life (staring into floorplans and considering space planning etc) and it scared me a little bit.

I had a small gathering at my flat to celebrate mine and Maeves Birthday and it was a great success and turned out to be Horrific. I enjoyed everyones costumes to the maximum but the mess the next morning was a little terrorfying in itself. I got some interesting presents from my friends including, incense, a snail shell, books from a book fair and some nice chopsticks.

The best present though had to be having fun with my friends (even if there were a few certain someones missing from the group) so...yeah that was soppy but its true!

The H&C presentation went fine, i was terribly nervous but i managed to calm myself by concentrating as hard as possible on the people that went before me. Things like listening to there tone, speed of speech and the actual substance of the presentation helped to center me so when it came to my turn i somehow did the whole talk without stuttering or messing up what i wanted to say...even if it did feel like my voice was being stolen away from me at the beginning. The Lecturer commented on how well paced my presentation was, well pronounced and something else. I was a little too high on adrenaline to take it all in if im honest! I won't say that im looking forward to the next presentation...but im certainly prepared for it.

NOTE- I made this draft on the night of the party!

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halves and wholes said...

where are the rest of the pictures i never really saw them and want to, im sure i look god awful-as i meant to!!! muuhaha