Saturday, 22 March 2008

A coach memoir

"Its 3.35am. Im traveling on a coach and we've just stopped at a service station. I just read one of the magazines I bought for the journey, called 'Wound' Well I say read I kind of just flicked through it and looked at the pictures…ill read it properly later on today at a first glance I would say that it’s a good magazine, meaty, and nearly advert free. From what I can tell its only the second issue too! The flat viewing yesterday was really strange. I turned up at 2pm and it turned out that there was tenants still living in the flat, i thought that I was going to meet an estate agent called Lyndsey inside so I buzzed up and…well I managed to wake them all up. A little after I woke them up the agent came and let me into the building, then up to the flat. Apparently they hadn’t been told about the flat viewing but I still got to see it.

There are some pictures but my camera was being temperamental so they aren’t very quality. The rooms were kind of boxy but bright, apart from the kitchen which didn’t have a window. For some reason it was boxed into this really small dark room. From what I could tell it used to be linked with the lounge but it had been recently walled in? In the living room there was this really strange small cupboard…did the landlord close of the kitchen so that (at one time) he could let the lounge as a 4th bedroom? Anyway basically the flat was too pricey for what they were offering and from what Lyndsey told me the flat wouldn’t be there for august/September so even if we did want it we wouldn’t be able to get it!"

Being back is really weird, i dont think i will ever get used to being away for so long...and somehow 'home' doesn't feel like home used to feel like any more. Its great to see my parents and especially my brother, i didn't realise how much i missed him! He gave me an early birthday present and my parents gave me a Green and Blacks Easter egg, i was really surprised because i don't usually get any chocolate for Easter, Not that im complaining!

Just passing through the center of town earlier jogged my memory on how this town is such a vision of Modernity, i often joke to people when i tell them where i come from that "Milton Keynes is a Modernist disaster, Its communism in town planning form". Obviously their are SOME perks to living here but, i just can't see past the blatant perfectionism of its construction...its too perfect for my liking.

I completely forgot my camera so im afraid they're won't be any pictures of the flat viewing until i return to Glasgow, but they are terrible quality anyway so you wont be missing much! Tomorrow im planning to attempt a video entry but no promises...all depends on what kind of camera i can rustle up.

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Ben Kiehl said...

I'm really liking the blog so far... keep posting interesting things... especially about contemporary design and architecture. We will get on well good if you do!