Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Its March

This is a heads up post and yet another apology.
This Blog is rocky, a rocky footing doesn't really create a solid blog going to try and fix this somehow. Its going to be a long haul but, i owe it to myself to do it. For a start I've decided that this blog will seriously begin NOW.

Term 3 is approaching quickly, which means i will be specialising in Interiors. Such a big change to my course should instill change to my state of mind and how i waste my time on various Internet profiles/websites instead of doing something creative like Blogging. Im really excited about this change, even though i feel really unprepared, and so too celebrate im toying with starting a fresh and opening a brand new blog.

As a step towards this i have bought the domain name and will upgrade so that i can host a blog within the next two weeks...with a separate self run blog i can have stability and ownership that a blog spot doesn't really provide. But I have a feeling i might just keep that separate, possibly for when i start my own company (IF i start my own company).

Since my last post a ton of things have happened. As well as not sticking to any of my new years resolutions (who keeps them anyway) my flat situation for next year has been sorted out! I will now be living with two girls from the GSA called Heather and Maeve.

Maeve is taking Visual Communications, shes a really nice girl i get on well with her and i think living with her is going to be so much fun!. Heather is taking Sculpture and Environmental art, she's probably one of the most grounded people that i have met since coming to uni, we allways have interesting conversation and shes great at thinking of things to do...infact she set me a project to do over easter because i feel lost without some kind of deadline approaching. I can't wait to find somewhere to live. It's going to be great to have a blank canvas to do things to, ive got a ton of ideas.

Last friday was the end of term 2 and the beginning of the easter holidays. I decided to go home for only one week and spend the other two weeks here, so i can look for a job and flat hunt, but i am very excited to go back to Milton Keynes to see my friends and family it feels like i havn't seen them in ages.

Yesterday i decided to go to some museums and practice some drawing. It was fun but...i really enjoy drawing things that you wouldn't normally see or things with alot of detail, bones, insects, pottery, buildings anything that captures my imagination. In the Huntarian Museum there are alot of obscure things, in particular fossils and taxidermy animals. Ive decided that i like that museum alot and im going to go as much as i can to practice my drawing and improve on my style. Here is a dinosaurs foot -

Im quite happy with this drawing and my drawing style is getting more and more refined its terribly exciting to see my skills progress...i guess ive got 4 more years of this too look forward too.

I will post some of my work that i did from last term up tommorow for your viewing pleasure. For now thats a wrap.

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Ben K said...

I KNEW it was a fossilized Dino-foot!