Monday, 24 March 2008

Drawing pains

After trying to track down a camera to make my video post for a few hours it turns out that i have a webcam but no software, so the post is delayed until i can get the drivers for the webcam and then upload time too! I wonder how long a video takes to upload?

been As you may of already noticed, my drawing skills have been on my mind alot recently...I have alwaysdissatisfied by my level of sketching and feel really disheartened when i get an idea but can't get it out onto paper as i see it in my head. In my mind i have a crystal clean image of designs but i just can't seem to transfer them into a tangible format, its so frustrating.

The biggest problem that i have is looking at an image made by someone who can draw, my jaw dropping and not being able to perceive ever reaching that standard of work in the next 20 years. I look at the work that i have done before and cringe. I could blame it on the fact that i haven't really had any formal drawing lessons...I've just kind of bumbled along collecting bits and pieces of information and kind of cobbled it together into a really rough understanding of how to draw in perspective etc.

I would have to say my main reason is i have an absolute aversion to practice because of the "Whats the point" kind of mood looking at inspiration pieces makes me feel. Awe turns quickly into jealously and then self loathing.

The picture above was taken from a design firm called Foster + Partners, an amazing firm with a staggering portfolio of Perspectives, Planning and CAD work. I occasionally visit this website when i want too get a glimpse of what standard is expected from me as a designer. Not that it does me any good because i tend to come away from the depths of their gallery folder feeling a little ill and apprehensive about showing my work to anyone!

I have to get over myself and stop being so narcissistic and self obsessed. But i need advice, the tutors say practice, but can i get as good as i want too with just practice?

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