Tuesday, 25 March 2008

A day of film

Turns out the webcam i have doesn't make video files that i can upload onto youtube without them breaking, something about the file format not being converted properly? So im afraid i will have to postpone the video post till i am back in Glasgow, like the pictures of the flat viewing and practically everything else that i have said i would put up, Im so sorry for that!

I am halfway through watching a film called 'Cha no aji - The taste of tea'. Its a Japanese film by Katsuhito Ishii following the story of a Family made up from interesting and individual characters, The father is a hypnosis therapist, the mother an animator trying to return to her old job by creating a film short at her dining table (in almost every scene so far), Eccentric grandfather who has a habit of singing about everything. A son and daughter, the son is full of hormones and has harboured a fear of girls from two funny incidents and the daughter who is trying to discover a way to rid herself of a giant doppelganger who follows her around and stares at her.

So far the story has kept me interested but i can't shake the feeling that maybe the film is a little too long? I don't want to complain because the story is so enchanting i really don't mind about the few, always interesting sidetracks that make up the 2 hours or so of this movie. My favourite character so far is Sachinko, her desperation to overcome the doppelganger is really enthralling and i really like her method of solution.

One thing i love to do is take screen grabs of interesting parts of any film, well interesting photographic parts of the film, i love to capture the moment or the feeling of the film at that particular moment. I don't know if i am just stealing the directors images or finding my own.

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