Friday, 30 May 2008

Tidy and inspire

The weather has been really nice recently, and nice weather always makes me feel in the mood to do some organising and to tidy....and i suppose it is a good idea to clean up all the mess i made from the last project. I really didn't realise how much mess i could make in such a short time, i think i have surpassed any mess ive ever made before!

Why does my room seem messy still even after i cleaned it? I guess the room itself doesn't have a very 'clean' vibe at all just because its student halls! I can't wait to move into the other flat....not long to go now! Me, Heather and Maeve decided on who has what room recently so im just thinking now about how to decorate far im thinking the colours Grey, White and Green. so i'll have to start looking out for things to put into my room...a branch for sure....hmm

Today i was reflecting on some designers that i researched for my project and one in particular captured my imagination from the start and that is work by designer Gareth Neal. His work looks at positive and negative space and the exploration of organic forms. Out of all of his pieces i found his Block 2: Side table interested me the most and his concept spaces are great too.

The beautiful simplicity in this side table Is great! I wonder how he made it....looks like it was a block of oak sawn back piece by piece but...that would take so long and its so detailed if he did do it that way then i am seriously impressed. This summer i have to make some furniture...what to do, what to do...

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