Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Grades and birthday celebrations

Today i had my feedback session with my H&C tutor Bruce Peter a little too early for me in the morning when you take into account the loud German people that live in a flat just across for me...especially when they sing great songs really really badly! Im sure i mentioned in a previous post that i was incredibly nervous for my presentation AND in the grade for the essay that i did in term 2, turns out i had no reason at all to feel that way.

For my presentation i got an A4 grade, which really surprised me...its the first A grade i have got through the entirety of my education and makes its seems that i really have decided to come to the right place? Something must be making me work hard enough to get that grade, i feel even more so now that im in the right place.For my essay i was given a B2 which im really happy about especially because i thought it was terrible, i just wish i could of looked at a few more sources.

For each piece of H&C work you get a feedback sheet and from what i can tell it looks like im making the same sort of 'mistakes' in whatever i write. Bruce wrote "There are some places where the insertion of a few more well chosen words would have made a big difference to the clarity of your arguments" being specific and precise for me when im writing is something i guess i will just have to work on...although im not sure how to practice this.

As well as getting my H&C grades back today it was the birthday of my friend Amelia she is turned 19 (i feel a little too old) so to celebrate her flatmates made her a fishy breakfast, as part of tradition, and i came over straight after my feedback session to give her my present/card and wish her well. We continued the celebrations by having lunch at the wee Curry shop needless to say it was delicious! and cheap too. Afterwards we waited around for a while then went to the Glasgow Film Theater to see Caramel.

The photography in this film was amazing, and worth seeing for that alone. But if your one for fast moving storyline and action scenes i don't think that you would enjoy it. Id love to take some pictures from scenes in this film!

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