Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Work is finish

Phew, well i have now officially finished all work in relation to my first year at the GSA. Its a funny feeling a mixture of relief and apprehension in regards to what grades i will get for this term in H&C and in Design.

The meeting that i was talking about in my last post went ok although i can't help feeling like the tutor brushed me off a little bit as i was the last person to present my work one tutor condensed the evaluation of my work down into one word 'Hexagon'. Personally i thought that the mid term review was very un-helpful but maybe i just didn't understand what she was trying to get at, also the fact that the Interiors tutor wasn't even in our review kind of annoyed me. Just recently i had my final review with the head of interior design, i don't think that went very well either.

I don't know what it is but every time i have a review i lose my vocabulary and i can't describe very well why i did certain things in my design. This didn't help very much when i tried to defend why i decided to put vertical recycled plastic board cladding on the majority of the walls inside my portable office. I put my defenses up and suggested that 'it was essential to the design concept and that it was inspired by the construction of a beehive' but after i knew i could of worded it better adding something like 'i didn't want the inside to be a complete carbon copy of the outside, there needed to be some kind of change in finish to communicate the change of atmosphere. Submergence in a recycled material with an emphasis on height and 'natural' materials'. If only i could say those things on the spot...

Anyway, today with the handing in of my design concept sketchbook, i have no more work to do and only feedback sessions to attend so technically i have 4 months of free time to do what i like with me moving back to Glasgow from Milton Keynes Mid-late August. I really wanted to get a picture of my work on the wall for the future (and for this blog) but i wasn't allowed into the studio because of the assessments so i (and you) will have to wait until next week when i get my grade.

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