Thursday, 8 May 2008


Tomorrow i have the presentation that i was telling you about and im very nervous. So instead of going out i have decided to stay in and try to get my head around what i am going to say to the group. Saying this, today i was the audience to some students from textiles and the talk was very informal and relaxed so i don't think that i have much to worry about at all, i just need to pin down a few things.

When i was doing some research on designers and artists that i feel could influence the final design of my office i came across an artist called Dan McCarthy who, although he has absolutely no relevance to my project, captured my imagination immediately. Id actually seen some of his work before but i can't exactly remember where from maybe through the days when i used to sit on deviant art for hours and trawl through art works so its great to find the images again.

His work seems to speak to me in some way, maybe because of my morbid fascination couple with that of anatomy and the child hood interest of dinosaurs! For the first time i have considered investing...well purchasing a print of his not only because i feel that its completely out of my imitation range but i think to have a print bought from him would be really fulfilling.

There isn't anything about him on his Website only a huge selection of his prints, paintings, drawings and clothing. $47 for a 25"x19" print...i am sooooo tempted.

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