Saturday, 14 July 2007

Lessons in Language

With all the spare time i have now i have finished college i have pushed myself to take active steps towards learning Japanese (At least how to speak it anyway) and following the advice and reviews of various websites i decided to invest in a text book called 'Japanese for busy people' im only a little way through the begining but i am making sure to go over each section again and again untill it is memorised, although i don't think i will make a point at learning the Characters associated with the language untill after i have finished the book (that way i will have less to take in(Is this the right approach))

Hajimemashite. Luke desu. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu (sp?)
How do you do? Im luke. Pleased to meet you

Hahaha, it feels good to understand the structure of a Japanese sentance...but i want to read it so badly....all in good time!

Today in the post i recieved my bi-monthly issue of Frankie Magazine! To get an idea of how much i enjoy this tasty morsal of Australian Lifestyle i giggled with glee (like a little GIRL) when i found it on my desk this morning then i debated with myself wether to leave it sealed shut or open it...before i went to work that is! This is the only magazine i read from cover to cover, repeatedly, i treat it much more like a book than something that is meant to be read through casually?

Frankie Magazine

My favourite Writer would have to be Mia Timpano just because. I mean come on how can you unot enjoy the writing of someone that i can quote saying:

"8. Comic Sans. This font offends me on a personal level. I would therefore advise not to simply disable this font, but to actually disable those who use it."

Yes! Please! Preach to me sister! Comic sans is Satan in font form. Next Post expect Holga Photos and magazine scans!


X said...

Thank you for introducing me to Frankie and Mia. Both wonderful! I'm extremely jealous that you're subscribing! I checked out the costs and, oh my goodness. Not fair.

Miss you a great deal. Love you even more.

PS; i'm wanting to stay anonymous on this website! So please don't blow my cover! hehe. Mwah. x

Apria said...

Thanks for writing this.