Thursday, 5 July 2007

Inspiration 001

This will be the first 'Inspiration' type post that i have made so far in my blog, hopefully by bringing together a collection of things that inspire me i can create a database of images, designers and artists for whenever i get a dry spot (In terms of creativity).

As a designer i feel that i must accept anything remotely creative with open arms and with a clear mind as to weigh up my own reactions and get the maximum result from what i am viewing (the result being inspiration or de-inspiration) Polly Morgan is british born artist who works with animals who have left this world and gone into the next AKA Taxidermy.

A little about her

As you can read from her profile that she has had a very interesting training background and her pieces really catch my attention, i origionally came apon her pieces when brousing through a random magazine (I think it was Living ETC although i have a feeling that they wouldn't put something like Morgans work in that magazine).

My favourite:

I love how delicate the bird looks, you can tell it is dead seems so peacefull! The Mini chandelier is adorable...the antique book is attractive and reminds me of one of my own! Id imagine something like this on a large mahogany desk in a private library somewhere in England.

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