Friday, 13 July 2007


Ah it seems that im slacking again in the post front, but i have alot of things to talk about and post about! Since getting my FMP grade i have been more and more excited about going to university, so much so i have been checking Track on Ucas on a day to day see if my grades have got through to the university and my place be confirmed for sure! As well as this it will be a weight off my mind to have my accomidation secured (Because i was given a conditional offer there is no certainty when it comes to having a place in the halls) and then i can continue to look for a job.

Today when i woke up at 11am (I have to try to stop doing this, its such a waste of time) someone directed me towards this website:

Golden Compass

This Film is an adaptation of the series written by Phillip Pullman known as 'His dark materials'. Now i can't remember much about this series because i read it about 4 years ago now, but what i can remember that it is an Epic story perfectly suited for the big screen. I only hope that they stay true to the story and capture the Dark Fairytale feeling that the book gave me when i was reading it. This film could easyly be a Blockbuster but at the same time it could be a massive flop although the Trailer looks amazing and sends shivers down my spine!

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