Sunday, 1 March 2009


Today is the first day of march, and for my flat a tiny bit of a spring cleaning day. As part of this organisation fest i have taken some time to check through the blogroll, deleting dead links and updating some new gems i have stumbled across (so take a peek if you haven't already). I also had time to consider the graphic identity of the website so i think i will be playing around with some templates over the next couple of weeks or so depending on time scale.

I also discovered a weekly podcast on Monocle doing much the same thing as the magazine, giving an up to date 'briefing' on a range of subjects from economics to architecture. The latest one i listened too talked about Japans pitch for the 2016 Olympics and how they see it as a relatively compact affair. I really like this idea, especially as the London 2012 games will probably end up creating a gentrification of some areas that people were living happily in until the pitch was approved.

One of my favourite design firms Droog has opened a store in New York, Soho. From what i can tell they have kept the stores design to a minimalist style letting the products do all the talking and even using them to divide up the space. On Design scout (where i also found the image above) they talk a little more in depth about the reasons behind this, i suppose that is the perk of being in NY and having the chance to take a guided tour of the shop.

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