Monday, 2 March 2009

Photography exhibtion

The Newbury tower at the art school hosts alot of exhibitions from students of different specialisms around the year, Today was the opening of an exhibition by second year students in Fine art Photography. I have always been interested in photography in particular its processes and this particular show, for me anyway, left me wondering about how some of the photographs had been produced.

One of my friends Jakub had some images in the show. They were pictures from a protest about coal production, in particular one image of a man in a coat looking really cold and slightly confused stuck in my mind. Below is his image on the website for this exhibition.

I decided to buy the catalogue for the show so that i could get to keep some of the pictures shown and came across an image that wasn't present in the exhibition.

I really like this image by Simon Kubik the colours are so rich! Although to be honest i haven't given much thought to the meaning behind it was its surface value that bought me too it.

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