Sunday, 22 March 2009

A night of Gram

Phew. What a intensely busy week i have had. My essay, although finished, is a little bit too...sparse than i would of liked to have made it but all of the different threads got the best of me and i ended up spiraling out of control and becoming something that im not sure makes a whole lot of sense. For the first time in ages someone helped me with my essay, my friend stephen, which was a really nice but slightly embarissing experience (because my grammar/spelling is terrible!)

Last night was the night of Gram! As i had been given the responsibility of creating a bigger presence of the night and trying to transform the vic into somewhere that well wasnt the vic! So i made some slides and some big M's to put up around the venue and i have to say i was really happy with the result. Im pretty excited for next time cause its going to look EVEN BETTER.

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