Friday, 6 November 2009

Stepping back

Trying to collate the research i have more i have put most of the images i collected onto the computer in an attempt to be organised, needless to say it won't last long. I liked the above image for its use of one striking image that acts as a backdrop for the shop and also how the chairs look like they would be at home in that wood.

Floor plan wise I keep coming to dead ends....and i haven't even thought about the other public spaces yet or rooms. So to try and simplify and give me a starting point i separated up the space by the columns and the exterior walls which helps to define the shape of the space that i have to work with and makes the ground floor seem more manageable. I think at this point i need to go back and look at some more hotel receptions just so that i get a better idea of how they have been laid out before, just so that i don't end up wasting any space.

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Courtney said...

Hi Luke! I'd be happy for you to use my photo as long as credit was given. Best of luck with your project and thanks for your kind words!