Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Hotel research....turning into design development

The initial shock of the deadline given to us to complete the hotel design project has worn off now and instead I'm just trying to get down to work...saying this starting the project is easier said than done. The problem for me with this brief is that the final product seems to be very open ended, we have to show something like 2 public spaces, a room and something else.

Feeling lost i spoke to a tutor last week about where i was in the project, after talking to me for a while she introduced me to MARISCAL. This studios work is really though provoking and playful, especially the Ikea restaurant where he creates a false ceiling out of strips of wood that seem to be peeled directly from the walls themselves and made good use of some crab lamps to add even more vibrancy to the space. I think this playfulness and innovative use of materials is the perfect angle that i should be aiming for.

Ace hotels also were nice enough to give me some high quality photographs of there interiors for my research. They made me think about where i should be putting the reception desk in the hotel...we were told that it was a bad idea to put it facing the door and that it scares customers of but i think it is better to see straight away where to check in so that you can get to your room faster?

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