Thursday, 12 November 2009

Vintage bohemian

The first crit of the hotel project was more of a revision of the points of the hotel that i had already been covering myself and also some kind of exercise on communication on where my perception of the direction of this project was lying. I was disappointed by the lack of feedback from the presentation...but i think this was partly due to the fact that i was last and that maybe because we are at a stage where not allot of criticism can be made on the floor plan because nothing is certain.
The main hinge point of this particular plan is the fact that it is very open plan, i wanted to integrate a cafe/shop area to the ground floor so that even people who weren't staying in the hotel would feel welcome and comfortable in the space. I highlighted the fact that i didn't feel there was much need for office space to be in the sight line of the public because there would be spaces throughout the hotel which they could be tucked away in. The second biggest point is the ramp which i have decided to make a big feature of instead of shying away from and pushing it into a corner.

On the food Tourism subject i am lucky enough to be going to visit Cookie, a new business starting up in the south side of Glasgow in a couple of weeks! The owner agreed to let me see the space before it is open to the public and also have a little chat about food/food tourism in Scotland.

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Graeme Kennedy said...

That's well good! Where abouts in the South Side is it gonna be?