Friday, 15 August 2008

Time machine week

And so one week later i am moved into the new flat comfortably, moving was not without its problems as i found out the stairs up too my flat were a huge obstacle of which could only be conquered by sweat, blood and very nearly tears of sheer exhaustion. But its all done now...and if anything it was a great learning experience.

The move itself was very interesting, the place that my Dad was hiring a van from didn't have the one he had booked so he instead was given a replacement vechile the size of a small truck with a broken wing mirror and no radio. 7 hours later we arrived in Glasgow...for a moment i couldn't get my bearings but once we got onto Great western road i knew where i was going. When we were coming up to Glasgow i was bursting with excitement, i couldn't sit still and all i wanted to do was say "Yaaaaay!"

Heather and her Boyfriend Alex were at the Flat to greet us, we were exhausted from traveling and they made us a lovely cup of tea before we started to move my things into the flat. It took just over one hour of sheer physical labour to move everything up into the living room and the thought of having to move all of my things from the other flat made me feel a little sick.

So many things have happened since the move ill be updating with new things throughout the week.

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