Friday, 8 August 2008

Sparodic updates from now on

Heads up Glasgow im moving back to your chilly embrace tommorow, oh how i have missed your Tennents swigging demeanour and your wet sky kisses (RAIN).

Ive been reading more and more about fashion designer Aitor Throup. Its kind of weird how all of a sudden he is appearing in Blogs around the web only now. His work is great. I have alot of respect for someone who can push boundries like he does.

His work first caught my eye in (if my memory serves me right) an issue of Dazed and Confused where the interpritation of the above drawing was snapped on the cat walk. But i could be completely wrong all i know is i remember his work before all of this hype. I had never seen his illustrations before and i think they are amazing, i wish my drawing style was more like this...he creates characters rather an concepts...he talks about this a bit more in this interview i found.

Its the first time in a while where i have acctually thought about taking out a loan specifically to buy one of his pieces...or playing the lottery constantly, but i guess taking the loan would be the quicker and maybe easyer option. Anyway, the coat in question is this one-

Isn't it awsome? An instant costume for short notice or just a talking point. I can't imagine how much skill must of gone into making like to say i would have a go at making one for myself but i doubt it would ever reach that standard. I guess i should get practicing on my sewing machine.

Today i have been packing and moving heavy boxes full of books and other interesting things from the loft into the living room ready for the van my parents are driving up its taken such a long time but to me i have to do it proparly or i will end up having to spend alot of time unpacking when i get to glasgow.

Im so surprised at all the things i have managed to collect over the years (Im bringing up most of my belongings to Glasgow) i hope i can find space for all of the things i have decided to bring.

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