Saturday, 2 August 2008


Im bored. Bored of this boring blog that induces boredom when i open up the home page and enter my boring password. Bored of Milton Keynes and its Boring dreary architecture. The boring room that i am sitting in right now as i type this confession of boredom. Oh well not Long now till i go back to Glasgow and my new flat, i can't wait to make my mark on my room (and the flat within reason). Ive been keeping in touch with Heather and Maeve through e-mail and text which made me slightly jealous because they had such a travely summer where as the most exotic place that i have been was Cornwall. But i still had loads of fun and took some nice pictures that i will hopefully get processed over the next couple of weeks.

So the content of this Blog is going to change this year, i have decided not to edit my life so much for the benefit of the people that read this (no matter how few that is) so that there is a more 'real' portrayal of what it is like to be a student. This will take effect immediately. I'll post in a few days once i get my head into gear after working on my CV.

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