Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A stranger to Brutalism

In the lull between finishing this project and touching up the images that i have to present informally on Thursday i have been watching allot of films (even going to the cinema twice in one week) to take up my time. Stranger than fiction has to be one of the better films that i have seen this week. The story itself is great but the set and costume design is even better (although im sure most of it were just commissioned).

Dustin Hoffmans character spends most of his time on screen in an office at the university of Illinois. The windows are so beautiful and the furniture works so well in that room...i wonder if it was there in the first place or if the set designers had to get them in?

As well as the university the film also introduced me to an architect known as Bertrand Goldberg, in particular his River city building. It reminds me in a way of some of the buildings that Gaudi has designed specifically the windows/balconies of his flats in Barcelona. I think at the moment im going through a phase of being obsessed with Brutalism within architecture and design...the clean lines, the sharp angles and uniform use of concrete as a material for construction.

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