Monday, 7 December 2009

3 star. no 4 star. NO THREE STAR.

We had our final formal presentation last Thursday, it went pretty well but the tutors asked me to make some changes to the bedrooms in the way that they felt that there was perhaps too much space for the star rating that i had been given and that it seemed the hotel was more to a 4 star standard.
They wanted me to try and reduce the size of the bathroom by removing the bath and installing a shower, basically changing the bathroom into a shower room. Whilst i can understand this notion because it means over all there will be more rooms in the hotel to occupy. The only problem is i have to try and consider how the recessed sofa space would work, because i don't want to lose it from the room. and also i would have to remove the dressing table next to the bed. I'm tempted to stand my ground but...i will give it a go for drew/visit Scotland's sake.


safiyah said...

LOVE that orange image!

Luke said...

Thanks safiyah! id love to see yours, will you put it on your blog?