Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Another Christmas

The project is done and this term is over and i am in for some 'well earned' rest. Although it seems i have already started planning too many things and im not sure when i will really have time to myself. I was pretty happy with the outcome of the project but not with the way that the project came to a conclusion. As usual the whole class presented on one day in two halves, leaving little time for people in the second group to discuss anything about there design. Coupled with this more people generally sit in the second group and this lengthens the whole process.

I just think that it would of made sense to do the Final project crit on another day before the party that was scheduled to take place in the studio. As well as this Drew said some things about feedback that im pretty worried about, im sure we will find out more about this next term though.
Most people in the Uk will know that Borders has unfortunately gone into administration. But whilst allot of you will be mourning the loss of the selection of books that they have on offer i will be wearing a veil for the magazine section which has fueled my addiction for many years. Another Magazine is one of the publications that i buy frequently from them (thankfully its quite a widely sold magazine) and in there most recent issue there is some fashion photography work from Anders Edström, the photo above is NOT from this shoot but is his, who produced a series of images that have a real feeling of continuity although the scene/styling changes in each shot. I really recommend buying this issue (17) if not for the rest of this content but just for his work!

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