Friday, 26 September 2008

Images cont.

Yesterday i spoke to our CAD tutor Digger and he threw the images that i had chosen the day before into question. A couple of the images that i had chosen were ones that i had been hanging onto for over 2 years or so and when i told him this he said to me

"Does this mean that your design style/taste hasn't changed over the last 2 years?"

I don't know if he meant to make me think harder about my choices or weather he just wanted a set of brand new images too capture my most recent inspirational sources but whatever he wanted he did cause me too worry a little about hanging onto old inspirational material. Is it a bad thing to hang onto images that inspired me 2 years ago? To be honest i think the main reason is that those pictures appeared in a magazine and at the moment all of my inspiration is through either books or the Internet as i can't afford too buy magazines (no matter how much i want to be able too). And so today i have spent some time in the studio going through some names that i had collected in the back of my moleskin in an attempt to find new interiors that inspire me.

I came across this interior by topotek 1, I love its playfulness and its interactiveness.

Isay weinfeld designed this amazing book shop in Sao Paolo, Brazil. It surely must contain over 3000 books crammed into every available space...but my main attraction to this particular building was the entrance where she made use of bookcases and implemented as innovative doors.

The third interior is an exhibition design by Herman Verkerk, the Arnhem mode fashion biennial in ... This show is arranged every two years specifically for showing state of the art fashion on an international scale whilst highlight socio-cultural aspects.

Nendo Design made this interesting exhibition piece in 2007 showing some of their works in an unusual way. They wanted to challenge the viewers sense of perspective and how you would normally consider objects.

Miffy is the star of the last image that i found, this flagship store (the first dedicated Miffy store in the world) was designed by UXUS design...i love how the designer captured the brand of the product perfectly but then i found out they also designed packaging for Macy D's and i was reminded of a conversation me and my friends had recently.

Selling out is very much part of being an artist or a designer and creative people have always struggled with the idea and notion of selling out too 'the man' but the odds are you will have to at one point in your career even if its just to get one more rung up on the ladder. So we came to a conclusion, our time at art school is probably the best time for us to create our ideas without the huge worry of money or the burden of responsibility so this time has to be used to realise our personal goals (as many as possible) before we sell out. and the world ends.

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