Monday, 22 September 2008

Back to school

Today i started the second year of my university degree. So much things have happened since i last posted on here that im not really sure where too start, so i will just begin with today and try to remember as many events from the last month or so as possible.

So to begin with i woke up around 7:30 full of beans, i had the best nights sleep Ive had in a while which for the first day of term couldn't be better. I ended up having too get the tube into uni because somehow i have lost the key for my bike....its locked up inside our stairwell but i have no idea how too remove it, anyone have any ideas? Anyway i met up with a couple of people from my class outside the Macintosh building and ventured upstairs into the studio that i will be spending the last 3 years of my education at the art school. On the door of the studio there was a sign that read '2nd year students meeting at 10:00' so with time to kill i went to get a coffee and chatted too everyone about summer.

Around 10 the meeting began, Drew (the head of interiors at the GSA) went through a few things with us, how time in the studio would be spent, what sort of projects we would be doing throughout this year and what we should be thinking about as trainee designers. He talked about so much i found myself day dreaming about what i wanted too make when i got back home...i feel filled to the brim with creative juices. But the jist of what he was saying, well what i got, was that this year....or at least this term is all about defining my own design style and highlighting areas that i do well and other ones that i need too improve on. We were also given a first project too complete for next Tuesday, which in my opinion is maybe a little too much time for the content of the project, unless i have overlooked some big point?

Basically we have too collect 5 images of interior spaces that 'excite' us and then talk about why we like them for one minute each. I already have a rough idea of at least 2 images that i would like too choose for this project...but as for the other few im sure i could scour my bookmarks/magazines for some images that i like the look of. So far i have decided on a design by Masamichi Katayama as well as some general residential designs and a h.naoto kind of overloaded on interiors now so i will wait till tomorrow to write more.

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