Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Worthless update

After a short trip to London to get my Passport i am back and ready to continue my summer adventures in Milton Keynes and beyond. All for one thing, i still don't have a passport and i wont be getting one until i have returned to London with my Passport forms AND (this time) my passport photographs. It seems like i went all the way to London to get the thing and forgot the most important part of the application, the photos. Because of this i started to think about my memory and how generally terrible it is...i really want to improve it but i don't know where to start and chances are i will forget that i even wanted to do it in the first place! Does anyone that reads this have any idea on how i can improve my memory?

Other than that i had a really fun time in London and for the first time i actually came without the lingering resentment that i usually get when i visit that city. I think maybe i have grown up enough to stay there and meeting people who do definatly helps with that...i enjoyed it enough to think about
moving to London After i Graduate and that is certainly where alot of the jobs are.


That is all.

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