Sunday, 6 July 2008

Im a Robot and thats not ok

I finally got round to watching a film i had been meaning to watch for a very long time now, that film would be "I'm a Cyborg, but that's OK" and i am pleasantly satisfied.

The story is about a girl who suffers from schizophrenia and starts to believe that she is a cyborg, all stemming from her grandmother who in turn suffered from the same disease which manifested itself in a different way, she thinks she is a mouse and only eats turnip. I Liked the interaction of different characters within the mental institution (is that the right way to say it?) and how their individual stories are put across in individual and humorous ways. Although the end of the film was a little too open, i felt like there should have been some kind of resolve even if it had nothing to do with her eventually getting over her illness.

Other than watching that film i have been trying to fill out a passport form for my trip for Canada, i don't know what it is about official documents but i just can't seem to get them right....i am on my 3rd form at the moment and the frustration of that just makes me make more mistakes! Hopefully this time will be the last so that i can fill the form in tomorrow and get it posted away, just in time for the holiday i hope!

Todays designer is actually an artist! Confused? Well personally i can get inspiration from any kind of creative output if its photography, Fashion, Art, film etc. And i think its important to remain open to different sources of inspiration throughout my education and afterwords in my career. So Today's 'inspiration' takes the form of Geraldine Pilgrim. She acts as the Artistic director for Corridor a performance company that she actually set up, who create site specific installations with different groups of people and other artists within buildings of interest.

The website is a little bare but gives you some skeletal information on what she stands for and a couple of her projects, along with up and coming ones. The bed in the picture above was the piece that caught my eye and encouraged me to look more into her work. This was just one part of a huge installation based in Belsay hall where, different parts of the house were transformed into a window into the buildings past. The website sort of makes out that she was the main creative output but on another website there is quite a sizable list of names including Vicktor & Rolf, Hew Locke and Francesca Steele.

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