Friday, 4 July 2008

Blinding inspiration

Sleeping in my brothers old room (which is now mine) is a really tough thing to do when it hits 6am the sun beats through the blinds and in turn blinds me...or really just forces me to wake up. Seeing as i woke up so early i decided to make use of my time and clear out my laptop of music i never listen too, photographs i never look at and films i never watch which has taken most of this morning to do and i havn't even finished! There was allot of change everywhere i looked not just in my style but in the things i had collected and valued enough to save it onto my laptop. Yesterday i didn't get out of bed until 1pm so it kind of figures that i would wake up so early.

Im getting restless now, being back in Milton Keynes always makes me feel like this, but when i think about it i only have 2-3 weeks left here and even less if i decide to go to London to catch up with some kids from the Art school. To quell this feeling along with organising my laptop im starting a research file on designers to use in my course later on, picking from a list of designers names i have been slowly building up over the past year. I will post every day about a designer from my list, my views and why i noted there name down.

Fredrikson Stallard are a design company based in the UK (to be precise London) the pair have been in collaboration since 1995 and, as the website says, have been "recognised as leading exponents of British avant garde design". The above photograph was the first piece that i saw by them but it was only last week that i re-discovered them in an issue of Design week that i try to read every time i go to the library. I like there dreamy simplicity that features so heavily in all of there designs and how they are trying hard to abandon the industrialisation of design that most product/furniture design is about nowadays.

There aim to generate creations of "opulent sensual darkness" creates some pretty bizarre and forward thinking furniture/lighting/objects that at the same time are alluringly beautiful, For some of the pieces i am left wondering what the process is behind them and that can only be a good thing. If there popularity and exhibition history is anything to go on then i have a feeling that i am not alone in my thoughts.

I close this post by informing you that im going to dress up like this kid and run around disposing of vicious alien villains.

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