Monday, 22 December 2008

Young buck

Now that the term is over i have returned to Milton Keynes for some rest and relaxation before i return too Glasgow for a new term. Although last week i spent some time in London with my flatmates family and one of my good friends. It was pretty good to spend time there again but i was exhausted by the end of the week. 2 weeks straight of celebrating the end of term and birthdays is never really a good recipe for energy.

So I'm claiming this week, especially because its the week for Christmas, for some much needed tim
e too myself although i have been filling it with msn....that's a dirty habit i must try and kick DESPERATLY. Yesterday i went food shopping with my parents for Christmas, i kind of regretted it as soon as we got into the car park, It was packed! Everyone inside was so stressed...go figure but i thought it was pretty funny some woman was shouting "IF YOU LEAVE ME WITH THE LIST HOW WILL YOU KNOW WHAT TO GET?" i don't understand why you would get stressed over shopping for food like that. £200 and something or other later the house was so filled with so much food there was no room too put things. I'm in snacky heaven.

Too try and stem my urdges too 'go online' i went into the city (The center of Mk)
today to pick up latest issue of ICON and guess what, they didn't have it anywhere. So instead i settled for this:

Actually this was not a settlement at all, i had been keeping an eye out for this magazine for a while now after discovering the buckstyle website. Ive only really flicked through it so far, but at a glance it looks like i have discovered a male orientated version of Frankie...that's, wait for it...PRODUCED IN THE UK. Maybe i will try to get an internship there....hmmm hmmmm interesting.

Today i also bought a book from the 'Radical thinkers' series called "Aesthetics and politics"...this is in line with my recent information binge. Its all Derrida's fault, damn him! I also found 3 essays online through Athens, an account linked with my university's library for finding journals and other similar things. 2 are based on space and the other is based on the creation of the walker art gallery in Liverpool, should be interesting...well i presume my head will hurt after 2 paragraphs but i owe it too myself too learn.

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