Sunday, 4 October 2009

Projects end

Its more than halfway through the project and i am still struggling with the idea of it. How can you represent your feelings in a way that can be put down onto paper in such a regiment and structured way? Leona (The dyslexia student liaison at the GSA) helped me realise that this task would be difficult to me because of the way that my brain works, the way i learn/communicate is much more visual than factual....this doesn't mean that i want to create some pretencions graphic system to communicate my ideas, i just want it too be simple. After the iterim crit drew suggested that the graph could be a sentence summarising what we think makes a good interior and about the processes. Maybe an Acronym?


I got the last film from Berlin developed today. Its just as bad as the others but it does have lots of pictures of Daniel Libeskinds Jewish museum. Mmmmmm Deconstructivism.

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