Tuesday, 7 April 2009

John John John

Today was the first day of my productive job hunting/work doing day. I have realised through the checking of my budget that if i don't get a job by the end of May i will be officially bankrupt and my education will have to stop right here. And so this week is my job hunting drive, i will be spending every day of the week handing out at least 5 Cvs to different places in the hope that i will find somewhere quickstyle. So far i have given them out to 4 cafes and a bookshop so fingers crossed i will hear something within the next two weeks, although this is a long shot if anyone reads this who knows of a Part-time position in Glasgow going please please please drop me a line.

On my hunt i decided to stop off at the lighthouse to eat lunch in the lookout room and realised that there was a new exhibition on in galleries 4 and 5 on the influential American Architect John Lautner. He was trained by Frank Lloyd Wright and created over 150 buildings in California! I really liked the sections and elevations of his work, they were so detailed...some were very confusing to understand and took a few minutes for me to know what i was looking at but they captured my imagination non the less.

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